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bootstrap admin template

Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

This updated material thematic presentation under the usage of ThemeForest is mainly standardized and opted for the work purpose of building up technical sites with varying degrees of the vast material content present.

bootstrap admin template


Price: $ 24

Features in Detail:

  • Google Material Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Light, Gray and Dark Themes
  • Multiple Color Schemes, with 18 predefined schemes
  • Powerful Layout Settings
  • 1500+ Icons, including 900+ official material design icons
  • Sass/Scss CSS, easily update style by changing a few variables
  • Clean Code with Official Angular Style Guide
  • Modular Code, add & remove with ease
  • Work with jQuery
  • Nested Routing

The whole system is built up and followed by a very respected and famous author who knows his work and area of the transaction. The color scheme distribution is necessary.

admin template

admin sample theme

The material design has foreplay of a detailed discussion and video presentation with calculated risks and advances all laid out in perfect summation to avoid any type of discrete values, The site is very responsive along its timeline throughout.

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clean responsive admin template

Clean Responsive Admin Template

This thematic template is very responsive in its wake and features top notch admin managerial technicalities that are actually required in everyday needs for the management of a page.

clean responsive admin template


Price: $ 24

It uses bootstraps such as HTML5, LESS, and many more premium features. The page provides live and streaming demo for the benefit of the admin and for his better understanding.

responsive theme

admin responsive theme

The home page has a layout of four templates in all which is gradually categorized into typography for the interface usage of the user, the components that make up the backbone of the timeline along with the response and mail pages.

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admin theme

Web Application Site Template

Volta is a modern web application and admin dashboard which has been constructed with Stylus, Bootstrap 4 as well as CoffeeScript.

admin theme

sample-info sample1

Price : $25

It has been made with the help of some of the latest web development techniques and languages which offer a pixel perfect design and excellent functionality.

admin site template

admin template

It broadens the potential of Bootstrap 4, Stylus and HTML 5. It has more than 40 pages which will be needed for a web application along with examples of usage of all inclusive more than 50 javascript plugins. Each of the reusable components are themeable and have been designed keeping in mind the usability and beauty.

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Sample Responsive Admin Site Template

Create your front end template  for your web application in short time by using admin Site Responsive Template or Dashboard template. The file structure of the theme matches with the Boilerplate HTML5, Specially built on bootstrap with including the HTML, CSS and JS which is very simple to use for the applications.elephant-theme-out-look-adminsample-info sample1

Price : $28

You no need to waste your time or will not have any problems in using this theme. Many developers introduced their work here but for sure Elephant will reach the expectations of the users by changing the components in the theme.dashboard-admin-site-responsive-template

Latest version of the packages available here in some simple steps.dashboard-admin-templates

Special Features :

  • Each and Every HTML file will be Verified and Validated
  • Every image will be Compressed which exists in the folder
  • SVG file will also get Compressed
  • Unnecessary things will be cleaned in the Code

A detailed process of using the theme is given proper documentation. Each and every step you take to make your site the best is provided here.


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Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Angel is an admin theme based on bootstrap and other frameworks.  This theme we can use with any web application dashboard, all components in this included giving the best overview and potential of Bootstrap and HTML 5.dashboard-page-sample-imagesample-info sample1

Price : $18

Angel is a Single page application for professional, Project management and Business purposes.


Popular and Modern frameworks included in this along with the multiple admin dashboard applications.full-page-demo-of-the-theme-angle-bootstrap-admin-template

Special Features:


  • Bootstrap 3
  • Fullscreen video background
  • Font Awesome icons

  • Retina ready

  • Responsive design


Build your app frontend page in less time by including this landing page.

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