TemplateMonster has brought out a new WordPress theme – the Monstroid. It is ‘the’ place to go to if you are planning to create a website.

monstroid-wordpress-theme-for-blogs-and-portfoliossample-info sample1

Price: $40

The theme runs on the basis of the Cherry Framework which is also from TemplateMonster. Additionally, your website design can also be altered using any of the several child themes for Monstroid.monstroid-wordpress-thememonstroid-wordpress-theme-template-inner-view

It is an extremely simple tool to use. For your WordPress website, if you use Monstroid, you get an added option of relating a new design to the features.responsive-wordpress-theme-premiumThis makes it so much easier, as all you need to do is learn one new design and you get a library of designs which can be applied to the website.